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AMCAT Assesment Test Organised On 30th and 31st of March      •    2 Students Selected by HDFC Bank.      • Lecture of Supply Chain Management by CA Manish Kumar On 18th March.       • RRB-NTPC Exam Centre      •       •      •      •       • INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL CONFERENCE ON 10th to 11th JUNE, 2014      •       •      •      •     

Rayat-Bahra Royal Institute of Management & Technology

Rayat-Bahra Royal Institute of Management & Technology - Sonipat, The Rayat - Bahra Group is a renowned educational group whose research and teaching enjoys worldwide recognition. In particular, the Group has constantly been ranked among the top educational group in India. Our multidisciplinary approach of having all the streams like Engineering, Business Administration, Law, Health, Hospitality etc. in one campus is a well thought strategy designed to equip graduates with the advanced knowledge, practical problem-solving skills needed in the workplaces, as well as the attitude that are expected of leaders in their respective industry. You are welcome to join with others in the Program and prepare yourself for tomorrow's opportunities and challenges!.

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Approved by AICTE
Affiliated to DCRUST Sonipat


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